Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dangerous Love or just plain...DELUSIONAL!

Sydney Anglican, Lionel Windsor uses Mr Squiggle to turn God's word into Lionel's... at The Briefing website. Lionel likens himself and his Sydney Anglican mates to Jesus and His apostles when he quotes... Jesus’ love-command, then, is not a cuddly warm mission strategy telling us how to win the world’s approval. Our love for one another is to be like Jesus’ love for us. This is crazy love in the eyes of the world. It’s the kind of love that will get us hated. Jesus’ love is dangerous love.
I know Sydney Anglicans are hated throughout the world ...but I think that Sydney Anglicans resemble the pharisees that Jesus found problematic...more than the apostles!

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  1. Lionel Squiggle is a highly distinguished fundamentalist. Who else is big enough to fill my shoes at Neutral Bay after God calls me to the dole queue?