Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Guardian writes that the Anglican church is fit only for bigots and hypocrites

and it seems that bigotry and hypocrisy is linked to Sydney!
Thank you to the blog Eruptions at the Foot of the Volcano for posting two very good articles. In the first post , Nick Cohen from The Observer (UK) explains how Rowan Williams pandoured to conservatives within the Anglican church, who sought the alliance of African bishops to prevent Jeffery Johns from being ordained Bishop of Reading. It is well known that the Sydney Diocese facilitated the homosexual discrimination and the proof can be substantiated in its role as secretary of GAFCON. The article points out... But how can Anglicans oppose the Ugandan government's attempts to mandate death sentences or life sentences for homosexuals? Can Anglicans expect anyone to believe them when they say there is no connection between theological justifications for homophobia and the terror the Ugandan state and the Ugandan Anglican church wish to direct against homosexuals? The language of "communion" and "engagement" sounds kind and woozy. There is nothing kind about the prison cells that await gay men in Kampala – nor grace behind their bars. As with gays, so with women.

The article goes onto highlight the misogyny of some clergy who cannot even deal with a male bishop because in their mind they have been tainted by being ordained by women bishop...Anglicans in 42 of the 44 dioceses of the Church of England say they want women bishops. They have offered the services of outside male bishops to the minority of parishes who cannot accept a woman in authority. The generous concession was not enough. So Williams cut a deal with the misogynists. He proposes that not only can they have male bishops, but male bishops who have not been ordained by a woman, or ordained a woman themselves or even taken communion from a woman. (Williams will have to appoint bishops who were born to a sinful woman, but one suspects that if he could find men without mothers he would take them.)
The other post reviews a documentry film called... ¨Call Me Kuchu detailing the plight of David Kato, Uganda’s first openly gay person... The film goes on to detail a libel case affecting regular law-abiding gays, as well as a national proposed law from Ugandan MP David Bahati that would require citizens to "report" gay people within a twenty-four hour period of discovery.¨
The film also shows the effects the manipulation of Western Evangelicals have had upon this society and the lies that are allowed and encouraged which include gays are involved pedophilia, prostitution, the deliberate spread of HIV and a terorist bombing in Kampala . It exposes an environment where...Gay youth are manipulated by the system, including curative rape, no counsel for defense, and subjection to abortions. Activists battle against an HIV spread rate which ignorance makes more rampant.


And whilst homophobia is rife within the Sydney Diocese, the Minister for education Mr Adrian Piccoli has made a committment to stamp out homophobia in public schools.


  1. This article is a slur on Sydney Diocese. It implies England has more bigots than we Baptists in Sydney. We are proud to be the most reviled Diocese in the world with our distinguished record of hatred of women and gays.

  2. Adrian Piccoli could begin by banning most Sydney Anglican priests from taking scripture classes in schools.

  3. Couldn't agree with you more Brian. On the Sunrise Sunday show about a week ago, Peter Jensen sprouted that marriage equality could impact on what Anglicans taught in public schools... because ultimately marriage equality might 'normalise' SSA. And as you know Brian...there can be no Sydney Anglicanism without women and gay bashing!

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