Thursday, June 14, 2012

Russell Powell states that...when Jason Russell fell his deck of cards went with him

At least Jason tried!
Russell Powell in his regular weekly posting on the Sydney Anglican Network website explains that he has to check anywhere between 60 to 100 sites everyday to come up with his weekly posting. This is to save busy people having to filter out unfavourable material linking Sydney Anglicans to injustices that are perpetrated in the name of their Calvinist God.

I am going to base my next movie on a group of Calvinists who live in the Capital city of a developed country, and who use despotic strategies to bring about 16th Century reform. It will have all the intrigue needed to be a hit... nepotism, misogyny, homophobia, gambling,  entrepreneurial outsourcing and bonding with underdeveloped nations ... all as a means to oppress women and persecute gays! I think that I will call it..."Let's Save Women's Subservience in Marriage by Encarcerating Homosexuals!"

Give me a high five...because everyone knows that  it's OK to support GAFCON allies who advocate the killing and persecution of gay people because the Bible says so! Wash your mouth out it's not  OK to oppress and persecute because it is written in the Quran...well maybe just women and gays!

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  1. I am proud that Mr Powell reads my godly blog 100 times a day. As the world's leading Sydney Baptist, I ensure there are no gay clergy and that women marry only men who they must obey.