Saturday, June 2, 2012

A new support group called ... We support Bishop John McIntyre of the Anglican Diocese of Gippsland is up and running

Changing Attitudes Australia has posted  a facebook site where people can offer support to Bishop McIntyre for his radical inclusion of LGBT people into the life of the church.The Facebook group calls on Anglicans everywhere to support him as he faces pressure from conservative forces within the church by emailing friends and inviting them to click on the link on Facebook.
Changing Attitude Australia thanks Bishop John for his courage and leadership at a time when some in the church are looking to squeeze and shut down debate on LGBT issues and asks that people make Bishop John's address available in local parishes, as a way of showing both supporters and detractors alike that there is a new and bold way of doing church based on scripture, based on good ecclesiology, and based on the love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Say Ennis... I hear Phillip Jensen's got a Queen's Birthday Facebook page about Sydney Anglican's anti- social Gospel ...Ooh Ahh Jack .

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  1. Wicked Mr McIntyre has been roundly condemned throughout the whole world. Firstly, by me on my blog. Secondly, by me at STAND FIRM. And finally by the Jensens in the Diocese of Mordor. This universal disapproval shows how 99.9% of Anglicans don't support me.