Thursday, June 28, 2012

Victorian Anglican Priest and professor of sociology backs marriage equality

Anglican priest and professor at Monash University, Gary Bouma, told the Monash Weekly that he was an advocate of same-sex marriage and called for a change in legislation to reflect public sentiment and end discrimination. He said...I will support religious diversity and people's different beliefs but I don't believe I have the right, on the basis of my religious beliefs, to limit somebody else's life chances or deny them basic human dignity.Professor Bouma also pointed out that...the kingdom of God, as acted on by Jesus, was more inclusive than anybody could even begin to think of at that time. It was inclusive of Gentiles, it was inclusive of women who were absolutely despised and excluded from society. It was inclusive of those who were deemed impure by the religious leaders. Jesus extended the boundaries of acceptability and inclusion every time he turned around.

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  1. Even though I'm not David Ould, I still feel entitled to demand this man's resignation.