Thursday, May 31, 2012

Christine Jensen breaks the rules of Complementarianism and contradicts her husband

Boys ... the Archbishop of Sydney will have to discipline his wife...I mean who does she think she is contradicting her husband by telling people to go to church every Sunday. I heard Peter Jensen tell a group of women back in 1991 that they didn't need to go to church every Sunday...actually I think he wanted them not to turn up at all.
Calam...that was when he was doing the rounds of the churches and trying to purge the churches of supporters of women's ordination. Christine didn't contradict her man back then ...not when she and Lesley Ramsey headed up "Equal but Different". She did the rounds of the church with her man...I wonder if she'd encourage gays and lesbians to turn up every Sunday! As writers of The Australian Church Record will tell you...Peter Jensen has a real knack for...changing the shape of the diocese as Principal of  Moore College and as Archbishop!

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