Saturday, January 7, 2012

Anglican Mainstream promote Rick Santorum's irrational stance and verbal bullying tactics... when a young female student asks about marriage equality

Anglican Mainstream posts a video on its website and titles it Rick Santorum faces off with New Hampshire students on gay marriage. The video begins with the premise that 'Everyone has the right to marry'. Rick opposes this premise and offers the usual twisted fundamentalist thinking that he calls rational debate, by arguing that... If two men can get married then why not three men or five men... and when told by a young female student that the issue is the basic right of two people to marry, and not marriage rights for groups of three or five men, then Rick threatens to stop the debate and move on.

God... I love fundamentalism because it's just so random and illogical. I mean of course the marriage of two men will lead to group marriage...just like traditional marriage led to polyagmy in the US.

Oh you've got to feel sorry for Rick when he says that people call him a bigot
... because bigots like homosexuals suffer prejudice. And what about Rick's concern that marriage equality will undermine hate based faith principles!

New Hampshire's state legislature is swiftly moving to abolish gay marriage and could vote on the issue as soon as this Thursday. Since New Hampshire legalized marriage equality in 2009, more than 1,800 loving same-sex couples have been married. Polls show that a large majority of New Hampshire residents support that right -- 62%, according to a recent poll from the University of New Hampshire. Time is short -- click here right now to sign Craig's petition demanding that the New Hampshire legislature reject HB 437, the bill that would abolish marriage equality.

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