Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gay gestapo and post-gay and anti- gay Christian activists have much in common...they don't like being called Nazis and they threaten litigation.

Anglican Mainstream points out that minority groups like gays and their supporters, are very similar to anti-gay and post-gay Christian fundamentalists... they dont like being called Nazi's. Allan Craig from the Christian People's Alliance has a lot in common with gay folk...whilst Allan likens pro -gay equality activists to Hitler's gestapo, pro- gay activists liken the persecution of gays and lesbians at the hands of religious fanatics, as being similar to the Nazi persecution of gays and lesbians.

Everyone knows Christian fundamentalists love smashing pinatas...as long as they are rainbow coloured!

I didn't just create fundamentalists... I also created those whom you discriminate against !


  1. I'm inclined to agree... but I'll qualify your comment from my perspective. Some religion can be very destructive and the damage it does needs to be addressed because spirituality is important to many people and therefore religion will always exist.

  2. Get back into your room, Brad. Matron will spank your bottom or give you a prostate examination.