Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Sydney Anglican Network Portal is now posting Sydney Star Observer articles on their breaking news website

Now Jesus isn't that like dancing with the devil allowing those Sydney Anglicans access to such an abhorrent website?
Don't worry Lucifer...only websites with anti-gay sentiment are selected for viewing. We'd never
publish anything balanced.

Oh Jesus please keep demonising GLBTI people so that young Christians like me can continue to fear those who are different... because fear breeds hatred.

Hey Jesus... so if I grow up and have feelings for another man, then I can blame my parents for poor parenting or sexual abuse? Did you say it's OK to marry a woman eventhough I'm really attracted to a man....because Mark Driscoll said that it's OK to masturbate using a picture of your wife but what if I'm not attracted to a female? Should I draw some facial hair on her photo?

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