Thursday, January 26, 2012

Liberty Christian Ministries Inc's sexual orientation expert, Haydn Sennit, explains how homosexuals are like Gollum...addicted to the dark side!

Hey Gollum ... I heard you are gay, or is it really Haydn's story? Liberty Christian Ministries Inc seems to be all about Haydn's unresolved issues, which he uses as a basis for working with SSA Christians.
Listen Frodo... the 'Lord of the Rings' stuff works really well when you are working with people from other countries, where religion and superstitution are compatable...and to state that homosexuality is an addiction, and link it with sexual abuse and pedophilia, is always a good way to creates hysteria! But Frodo... Don't you know that I'm really Haydn's shame and guilt, that is projected onto other homosexuals to make him feel better. His article is really a parody of... a gay man totally rejected by his fellow Christians, and compounded by his own insecurities and self-hate, becomes involved in a destructive same-sex relationship. Just like anyone hurt in a relationship, he blocks out the pain and paints all homosexuals as deviant. Once bitten and twice shy, he turns to heterosexuality, and marriage, as a means of gaining acceptability. With that acceptability comes power and like Gollum, he yearns to be significant and have power, and like the ring, Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, enables him to reclaim that which he has lost.

Hey you eat raw fish... cause I've never seen you order Sashimi!
Hey Gollum marching in the 2012 Mardi Gras cause he's not going to look good in a pair of jeans with the backsides cut out of them! Jack how offensive is it to gays and lesbians when their identity is destroyed with unsubstantiated sexual advice. It's disgusting that people are not held accountable for condoning homophobia, and clobbering individuals with non-contextual bible verses to succumb to this hatred.

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