Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sexual orientation expert tells of terrifying visions of sleeping with a man one moment, and then the next standing before Almighty God

Hadyn Sennit has been terrorised by fundamentalists using scripture to cure his homosexuality and now he does the same to other homosexuals in his role as pastoral leader at Liberty hristian Ministries inc. Haydn says...I had to grapple with terrifying parts of Scripture which told me that my defiant sin was threatening to derail my salvation (e.g. Rev. 21:8; 1 Corinth. 5:5; Matthew 7:21; Matthew 18:15-20). These weren’t merely words on pages, but profound spiritual realities and I realised that I was playing with fire. More than a few times I had terrifying visions of myself sleeping with a man one moment, and then the next standing before Almighty God giving an answer and for that last remaining memory of my earthly life. Haydn also makes it crystal clear that Liberty Christian Ministries states that homosexual practice is not healthy for those tho participate in it, either phsically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally, socially, or spiritually. Its affects go beyond the mere individual and permeate through the rest of society and reaches the family, the very unit which God created in Genesis 2-3 for the population of His world and the foundational building block of society. It also affects the individual and disrupts their relationship with God and His family, potentially disqualifying them from relationship with Him both in this life and in the life to come (Revelation 21:8).
I ask you... would you send someone you love to Liberty Christian Ministries Inc for help? In fact seeing this organisation is run by Sydney Anglicans, would you encourage someone you loved to have anything to do with this lot?

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