Monday, January 23, 2012

Anyone for tennis...Hatred stuns Margaret Court!

What did someone link her sexuality with :
1. pedophilia and deem her unsuitable to work with children
2. link her sexuality with bestiality
3. prosecute her for her sexuality
4. claim that her sexuality would lead to polyagmy
5. send her off for reparatory therapy
6. preach to congregations about her sexual dysfunction and brokeness
7. institutionalise her for her sexual orientation
8. give her shock treatment
9. refuse to attend a church with her because of her sexual orientation
10. boycott a conference in protest of her sexuality
11. exclude her from workplace employment or opportunities because of her sexuality

It seems to me that some of God's self righteous representatives should be down on their knees asking forgiveness... for the trauma and autrocities they have caused... and some have the hide to say it's not a human rights issue... racism might divide society but homophobia divides families leaving individuals isolated and vulnerable!

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