Friday, January 20, 2012

The White- bellied Heron is critically endangered due to habitat exploitation and disturbance.

No I can't see the white-bellied heron but there's a few yellow-bellied creatures inhabiting the environment.
What's that it says ...Stick "Father David Heron" into Google and go and see what the worst of the revisionists are like." Oh my God ...what am I seeing? ...
"I am revising this post as Mr Ould rightly objects to a comparison with Hitler. It was the Feuhrer who gassed gays. Mr Ould only wants to do what the Royal College of Psychiatrists are unable to do. Get the Bible to 'cure' them)... I mean ask any anyone... everyone knows that the bible cures gays!"

And Merve what about this bit of orthodoxy and orthopraxis... "Apparently it’s perfectly OK to say “Person A doesn’t like X”, then to say “Person B doesn’t like X”, and then to argue that you weren’t trying to say “Person A is like Person B” despite the fact you stick up photos of the both of them, that the only people you mention are those two, and that the logical reading of the piece is to lead you to the conclusion that both Person A and B are cut off the same block? Right."

Hey dad this stuff is even better...
"He does not understand why men will not bring their sons to a church in which sodomy (a sick and filthy act) is celebrated... real, strong, normal and loving fathers aren't gonna take raise their sons where sodomy (and you know exactly what I mean) is celebrated. It is sick and filthy and also a complete repudiation of one's manhood... my objections to homosexuality are much broader than the consideration of what the majority of male homos do - which is play with each others rectums... As for homos going after each the way they do - it's just that it's easiest to see right there how sick and depraved this whole movement is... And by the way, thank God (and I mean that) we don't live here in the US in some sort of PC tyranny like you do in 'Great' Britain, where the police investigate you if you offend a queer.
Yeah of course it's OK to offend a queer... Anglican clergy that intervene and correct bigotry, give the church a bad name! Clergy with good reputations must call the Archbishop of Canterbury a prostitute, Bishop Robinson shameless and ensure that the diocese loses $160 million gambling on the stock exchange! Is Peter Jensen of German descent?

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