Friday, January 20, 2012

C of E policy on appointing bishops may face legal test...says Anglican Mainstream!

It is understood that the possibility of legal action is still live, but not being actively pursued at present, however Anglican Mainstream posts... Of Dr Jeffery John, he said: “I am absolutely certain that nobody is going to go to law lightly. If it is the case, then he does this with a really heavy heart, but does so because the Church of England has failed to pay attention to a change in circum­stance and in law. It has been a long struggle since Reading [when Dr John submitted to pressure not to take up the post of Bishop of Reading in 2003]; it was an injustice, and is now, I suspect, an illegality that must be addressed.”

Hey Ennis... I've heard that some of those Anglican Church Leaguers are pretty good with legal advice. I remember them going to the Supreme Court to prevent women being ordained in Sydney, and their chief lawyer Robert Tong ended up with an order of Australia for his legal efforts. Is Jeffery going to sue in the Courts of the USA, Australia, the UK and California?
I don't know but I suppose he'll have to check his websites and remove pictures and stuff... before he

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