Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The furore over Goodwin's fuhrer

Wow...So that's the blogsite that caused all the fuhrer? The paraody to another which expounded knowledge of how homosexuals are able to move into heterosexual relationships.

Furore not furher Jake!
So it's OK to set yourself up as an expert, and provide a open forum (at the time), to advise people of how to overcome homosexuality... and talk continuously about the prostate and anal sex ...but it ain't OK for those offended by the marginalisation of GLBTI people by conservative evangelicals, to respond with satire.

Everyone knows that satire is offensive but genuinely claiming homosexuals are "spiritually broken people" is not ?

I agree with the tactics of those conservative evangelicals... imply deviance as a means of censoring critics and make sure everyone knows... The comments left on my blog speak for themselves..."Gosh you're right. It would be another matter completely wouldn't it if all the local Anglican leaders (clergy, PCC members, Church Wardens) got to know about it"...
Anyways without post-gay orientation... how else am I going snare a fast talking prostate expert that looks like this cowboy?

I have to say Calam...all said like a true evangelical conservative!

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