Friday, January 27, 2012

Anglican Mainstream supports Narth's new statement about the change of sexual orientation occurring on a continuum

NARTH believes that viewing sexual orientation change as occurring on a continuum, is a preferable therapeutic approach and more likely to create realistic expectancies among consumers of change-oriented intervention. With this in mind, NARTH remains committed to protecting the rights of clients with unwanted same-sex attractions to pursue change as well as the rights of clinicians to provide such psychological care.

Hi I'm George Rekers and my change is on a continuum...I oscillate between being a homophobic Baptist minister who advises NARTH and congress on the abomination of same-sex attraction, and gay playboy who rents young males from adult websites.

And I'm Cynthia Nixon and my sexuality is on a continuum but "I don’t pull out the bisexual word because nobody likes bisexuals. Everybody likes to dump on the bisexuals."

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  1. In my experience ( as a 39 y/o lesbian who came out at 18), most of the people who "dump" on bisexuals are gay. They berate them for "straddling the fence" and insist that they need to choose one way or the other. All while demanding the freedom to love anyone they want and saying they didn't choose to be gay.