Saturday, January 21, 2012

Supreme Court hears narcolepsy verses religious freedom case says Anglican Mainstream

Anglican Mainstream reports...In a landmark ruling the US Supreme Court says churches, not the Government, should control the employment of ‘ministers of religion’.
The case centres around a former teacher who suffers from narcolepsy and was dismissed from a church school for insubordination and “regrettable” conduct to church leaders.
Her case was backed by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
The Lutheran church that runs the school said the teacher’s job involved communicating the church’s teaching, and therefore she was a minister of religion.

Joan... there's always one narcoleptic trouble maker in every congregation.
Yes Matthew... total insubordination and a contagious threat to religious freedom everywhere ... and you've got to wonder about the company these people keep...I'm going to ask
Lisa Nolland!

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