Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wanker expert, Mark Driscoll tells UK preachers to 'man up'!

Sydney Anglicans posted under the heading of breaking news an article titled Mark Driscoll takes aim at the cowards in the British Church. Mark Driscoll has previously asserted that it’s time for Christianity to “man-up” and drop the image of Jesus as a long-haired man in a dress “drinking decaf and in touch with his feelings.” He says preachers need to become more like drill sergeants if they are to attract young men to church. Mark lets fly by saying...“Let’s just say this: right now, name for me the one young, good Bible teacher that is known across Great Britain. You don’t have one – that’s the problem. There are a bunch of cowards who aren’t telling the truth.”

I've heard that Mark Dricoll is well known as an sexpert on male masturbation...He's sure a straight shooter...but hasn't he read the stuff at Anglican Mainstream?

Ooooh Mark, did you say masturbation is more widely practiced among men... I need a 'jock' like you to rock my world!

Let's ask Mark Driscoll... Is it OK to lust after Jean Calvin? And is my missus sinning... she always yells Oh God instead of Wanker, when I'm doing the business?


  1. Mark Driscoll seems to have forgotten Britain does have a young man's man of a Bible Teacher - our own little Peter Ould. Granted, the boy is currently "non-stipendiary" (aka "unemployed"), but this hasn't stopped a living testimony to education in the Thatcher years from knowing more about the prostate than anyone could ever want to poke a stick at.

  2. Dr Troll is right. In his latest post, Prostate Pete comments on the value of "sex toys" in his non-gay, marital life.

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  4. What CJ, are you scared of the truth that Ivor Biggin / David Heron has had his licence removed for gross misconduct? Shame on you trying to protect this racist and sexist bigot.

  5. This site is dedicated to homophobic bigots