Friday, January 20, 2012

Calam's Calamity

You know Bill... a funny thing happened... I posted an article about Mark Driscoll being a wanker expert and telling UK clergy to 'man up' and I got these 2 comments on my blog...
The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll Jan 13, 2012 12:16 PM
Mark Driscoll seems to have forgotten Britain does have a young man's man of a Bible Teacher - our own little Peter Ould. Granted, the boy is currently "non-stipendiary" (aka "unemployed"), but this hasn't stopped a living testimony to education in the Thatcher years from knowing more about the prostate than anyone could ever want to poke a stick at.
Fr Ivor BigginJan 14, 2012 08:00 AM
Dr Troll is right. In his latest post, Prostate Pete comments on the value of "sex toys" in his non-gay, marital life.

Well blow me down Bill... then I get all these Sydney people reading my blog...and eventhough it's called 'Liberal Anglicanism in Sydney...Pie in the Sky'...Sydney Anglicans rarely read it because Liberal Anglicans, GLBTI people and feminists are heretics to those who speak God's authentic word. Anyways Bill then I get this comment...

Yeah, but at least he didn't have his licence removed and get put on the Archbishop's List for admitting 20 counts of "Behaviour Unbecoming a Clerk in Holy Orders", including several counts of offensive racist and sexist material.
Unlike some of us eh "Ivor Biggin" / David Heron?

Well Bill what was I to do...I mean I'd read that Peter Ould wasn't working in a church but as for this Ivor Biggin / David Heron character...I had no idea if the comment was true... so I thought I'd better remove it. Then I get another comment...

What CJ, are you scared of the truth that Ivor Biggin / David Heron has had his licence removed for gross misconduct? Shame on you trying to protect this racist and sexist bigot.

Bill I thought I'd better do some checking to find out the truth. All's I could find out was Fr David Heron had retired after 40 years of priesthood, but Ivor Biggin...who knows. But Bill the anonymous person tampered with my blogsite, redirecting all comments and jamming up the site when you use the comments section.
Bill do you think it's Ingins?

Nah Calam... Aborigines are indigenous to Australia. Nah it's got to be someone with IT skills who utilises them to hack for the reason of collating information. Someone who doesn't like GLBTI and feminists to be treated as equals within the church... But it wouldn't be a Sydney Anglican because they'd never break the law. Calam... maybe it's an attempt to censor someone who comments.

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  1. Looks as if Dobby's been teaching another Mordor houself his sure-fire atheist-evanglization trick of witnessing by telling lies.