Friday, January 27, 2012

Lord Carey's son Andrew is in favour of keeping religion out of politics

Lord Carey's son Andrew has been quoted as saying, in what appears as support for his father's statements, that Church of England bishops this week have placed themselves in a difficult position. By leading opposition to the benefits cap of £26,000 they’ve taken a highly divisive position. They risk alienating churchgoers and stand accused of interfering in party politics. It is all very well to hark back to the days when the Church of England was regarded as a more effective opposition than the Labour Party to Margaret Thatcher’s far more modest reforms and cuts... The Bishop of Ripon and Leeds, John Packer, was wrong in tabling this amendment in the first place. It is not just that I disagree with him... he has crossed a line from warning about the possible consequences of government policy to interfering in the political process. I do not believe that this is the role of Bishops. The fact is that when they cross this line, they become political leaders, rather than moral leaders.
Well that's a first... a right wing conservative wanting to keep religion out of politics... He might support the government in demonising the poor but he expresses a lot of anti - government sentiment when his religious freedom is affected.
Listen Oliver, don't be too disappointed... I learnt a long time ago that conservative religious people only care about other conservative religious people...and nothing is given unconditionally to someone who is marginalised, without conversion to their discriminatory ideology!

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