Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lawyer states...Depressingly, my blog has been posted on an Anglican Mainstream site which also states that: LGBT education damages children.

Anglican Mainstream features an obscenity lawyer's blog, who is about to test obsenity laws in court. The lawyer twitters that he is depressed that his blog has been posted on Anglican Mainstream.

Listen Jed what's that 'obscene' lawyer whining about...everyone knows that those at Anglican Mainstream specialise in posting gay fisting, urolagnia and BDSM articles.
Yes Jethro...and where is that lovely female pet sexpert...Lisa Nolland ...because I saw a vet fisting a young filly the other day!


  1. Please stop providing links to Anglican Mainstream. There's too much DISGUSTING porn on the internet without having Chris Sugden's filth shoved down our throats and other orifices.

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  3. Anglican Popular features an obscenity attorney's website, who is about to test obsenity regulations in court.

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