Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Liberty Christian Ministries Inc pastoral leader reflects on his past lovers

Sydney Anglican affiliated Liberty Christian Ministries Inc is becoming more and more a site that is dedicated to Haydn and his issues. The newest post is dedicated to Haydn and his past lovers. Haydn says.... Of late, I have been thinking a fair bit about the way that I first came out of the gay world and how I now feel about the men whom I had slept around with. There were so many of them I have lost count, but that does not diminish how I now feel about them. A big part of me used to blame them for the situations where we had found ourselves, crossing boundaries and doing sexual things with one another that we thought would give us love, acceptance, and the man of our dreams who might one day hold us together and make everything ok again. The sad reality is that we would have sex, use each other, and then throw one another away to look for someone else. It wasn’t uncommon for that to happen and as I looked at other gay men that I knew, they were going through the very same thing. Sadly, when I would act out with a lot of gay men they would not ask me what my name was and often I wouldn’t ask theirs. Why not? Because knowing that the other person had an identity would give me less of a reason to use them in such a callous, uncaring way

Haydn... it sounds like you didn't see a close relationship with someone of the same-sex as something you were prepared to commit to...so you just satisfied your sexual needs. It happens to heterosexuals as well when they don't want committment for various reasons.

Haydn goes onto say that he doesn’t hate gay and lesbian people ... he justs hates what they do together...even though some of them emotionally hurt me, betrayed and insulted me, tried to physically assault and rape me, and treated me like garbage. I know that I too was hurting them even in less extreme ways and that I too was as much a perpetrator of such hurt as they were. I have also come to realise that for them to have used and hurt me as they did, they must be pretty broken and angry deep down, just as I have been.

Haydn... I've heard about heterosexual men like that.

Haydn's hope is that lesbians and gays come to know Jesus.

Yes it would be nice to let same-sex attracted people know me...just like heterosexuals.

Gay gestapo and post-gay and anti- gay Christian activists have much in common...they don't like being called Nazis and they threaten litigation.

Anglican Mainstream points out that minority groups like gays and their supporters, are very similar to anti-gay and post-gay Christian fundamentalists... they dont like being called Nazi's. Allan Craig from the Christian People's Alliance has a lot in common with gay folk...whilst Allan likens pro -gay equality activists to Hitler's gestapo, pro- gay activists liken the persecution of gays and lesbians at the hands of religious fanatics, as being similar to the Nazi persecution of gays and lesbians.

Everyone knows Christian fundamentalists love smashing pinatas...as long as they are rainbow coloured!

I didn't just create fundamentalists... I also created those whom you discriminate against !

Monday, January 30, 2012

Peter Jensen speaks of the anthropology of law and compares it to Biblical anthropology

Sydney Anglican Network Portal has published Archbishop Peter Jensen's, January 2012, address to the Law Service titled 'What are Human Beings?’ In a nutshell the talk is about Christians being different kind of human beings from the rest of society...privledged and allowed to discriminate. Jensen says... ‘What are human beings?’ Even if I am wrong to suggest that the law has an anthropology, I am sure that you personally have one. Here is what the Bible says about you: you are made uniquely in the image of God. Your life matters; whether you are in full strength and vigour, or old and decayed, or erudite and successful, or profoundly disabled, you are equally precious to the God who made you. You have not been made to stand alone, but to stand for others as neighbour and to worship God which will be your joy. You are called not merely to tolerate others but to love others, to create community; your work matters, for in it you are fulfilling your role as a guardian of the world; you are not perfect, but have much that stains your life and needs forgiveness; you can find a deep and abiding hope for you and your family in turning to Jesus Christ, the true image of God, for when death has been defeated, you will live in a new creation with Christ for ever.
And then here's the clanger... the real point of the address to the Law Service...
...talking about anti-discrimination legislation and how it may affect religious schools and indeed religious freedom. Thus, to take one case in point, why should a religious school have the right to appoint a religious gardener? Surely a person’s religion makes no difference to their capacity to carry out the function of a gardener? My colleague pointed to the difference in the way we answer the question ‘what are human beings?’ If you think of the job of the gardener in merely functional terms, as the work of an autonomous individual, earning a living among a lot of other autonomous human beings, there is no reason why it has to be a religious person. But if, following the idea of the image of God, you see the gardening as a vocation, a calling, the work of one who cultivates the earth as an image bearer, and if you connect the gardener with the very life of the community he or she serves, the outcome is different. The gardener is not merely an employee but a member of a body dedicated to the service of its members. I would want to employ a person who could pray for the students and who would model what it means to be made in the image of God. Even if you do not accept this vision of what it is to be human, I think you can at least see that it is noble and ennobling vision and that in the name of our religious freedom it is one that should be sustained, not diminished by a competing view posing as the only possible right one.

And I'd have thought that Christians like Peter Jensen who says biblical anthropology may lead to:
justice, fairness and responsibility, love, compassion, self-sacrifice and building community would welcome a lost soul into their wonderful Christian garden which is full of
spiritual nutrients.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ex Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, together with two former bishops Wallace Benn and Michael Nazir- Ali support sexual reorientation therapy

Conversion therapy worked for me!

Anglican Mainstream notes that Lord Carey is backing a Christian psychotherapist's appeal, after she was barred for attempting to cure a homosexual during a therapy session and saying... homosexuality is a mental illness, an addiction or an anti religious phenomenon. Her appeal is backed by Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, and former bishops Michael Nazir-Ali, and Wallace Benn. These men have written... Psychological care for those who are distressed by unwanted homosexual attractions has been shown to yield a range of beneficial client outcomes, especially in motivated clients ...

Yeah those homosexualists will do anything to change after we put the fear of God into them!

The therapy used by Lesley Pilkington, endorsed by the former bishops, and practised by a handful of psychotherapists in Britain involves behavioural, psychoanalytical and religious techniques. It encourages "masculinity" and "to develop healthy relationships with women", said Mrs Pilkington. The therapy practised by Mrs Pilkington had been described as "absurd" by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and roundly condemned by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
Her legal defence is being funded by the Christian Legal Centre.

I wonder if Lord Carey can organise some therapy for me... I mean he's all for getting the poor off welfare so can he reorientate my life from poverty to wealth and privledge?

So Wallace Benn agrees with conversion therapy... I wonder if it will work for me. I need to develop my masculinity so I can become a bishop!

And 'conversion' is my middle name!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Anglican Mainstream supports Narth's new statement about the change of sexual orientation occurring on a continuum

NARTH believes that viewing sexual orientation change as occurring on a continuum, is a preferable therapeutic approach and more likely to create realistic expectancies among consumers of change-oriented intervention. With this in mind, NARTH remains committed to protecting the rights of clients with unwanted same-sex attractions to pursue change as well as the rights of clinicians to provide such psychological care.

Hi I'm George Rekers and my change is on a continuum...I oscillate between being a homophobic Baptist minister who advises NARTH and congress on the abomination of same-sex attraction, and gay playboy who rents young males from adult websites.

And I'm Cynthia Nixon and my sexuality is on a continuum but "I don’t pull out the bisexual word because nobody likes bisexuals. Everybody likes to dump on the bisexuals."

Lord Carey's son Andrew is in favour of keeping religion out of politics

Lord Carey's son Andrew has been quoted as saying, in what appears as support for his father's statements, that Church of England bishops this week have placed themselves in a difficult position. By leading opposition to the benefits cap of £26,000 they’ve taken a highly divisive position. They risk alienating churchgoers and stand accused of interfering in party politics. It is all very well to hark back to the days when the Church of England was regarded as a more effective opposition than the Labour Party to Margaret Thatcher’s far more modest reforms and cuts... The Bishop of Ripon and Leeds, John Packer, was wrong in tabling this amendment in the first place. It is not just that I disagree with him... he has crossed a line from warning about the possible consequences of government policy to interfering in the political process. I do not believe that this is the role of Bishops. The fact is that when they cross this line, they become political leaders, rather than moral leaders.
Well that's a first... a right wing conservative wanting to keep religion out of politics... He might support the government in demonising the poor but he expresses a lot of anti - government sentiment when his religious freedom is affected.
Listen Oliver, don't be too disappointed... I learnt a long time ago that conservative religious people only care about other conservative religious people...and nothing is given unconditionally to someone who is marginalised, without conversion to their discriminatory ideology!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sexual orientation expert tells of terrifying visions of sleeping with a man one moment, and then the next standing before Almighty God

Hadyn Sennit has been terrorised by fundamentalists using scripture to cure his homosexuality and now he does the same to other homosexuals in his role as pastoral leader at Liberty hristian Ministries inc. Haydn says...I had to grapple with terrifying parts of Scripture which told me that my defiant sin was threatening to derail my salvation (e.g. Rev. 21:8; 1 Corinth. 5:5; Matthew 7:21; Matthew 18:15-20). These weren’t merely words on pages, but profound spiritual realities and I realised that I was playing with fire. More than a few times I had terrifying visions of myself sleeping with a man one moment, and then the next standing before Almighty God giving an answer and for that last remaining memory of my earthly life. Haydn also makes it crystal clear that Liberty Christian Ministries states that homosexual practice is not healthy for those tho participate in it, either phsically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally, socially, or spiritually. Its affects go beyond the mere individual and permeate through the rest of society and reaches the family, the very unit which God created in Genesis 2-3 for the population of His world and the foundational building block of society. It also affects the individual and disrupts their relationship with God and His family, potentially disqualifying them from relationship with Him both in this life and in the life to come (Revelation 21:8).
I ask you... would you send someone you love to Liberty Christian Ministries Inc for help? In fact seeing this organisation is run by Sydney Anglicans, would you encourage someone you loved to have anything to do with this lot?

Liberty Christian Ministries Inc's sexual orientation expert, Haydn Sennit, explains how homosexuals are like Gollum...addicted to the dark side!

Hey Gollum ... I heard you are gay, or is it really Haydn's story? Liberty Christian Ministries Inc seems to be all about Haydn's unresolved issues, which he uses as a basis for working with SSA Christians.
Listen Frodo... the 'Lord of the Rings' stuff works really well when you are working with people from other countries, where religion and superstitution are compatable...and to state that homosexuality is an addiction, and link it with sexual abuse and pedophilia, is always a good way to creates hysteria! But Frodo... Don't you know that I'm really Haydn's shame and guilt, that is projected onto other homosexuals to make him feel better. His article is really a parody of... a gay man totally rejected by his fellow Christians, and compounded by his own insecurities and self-hate, becomes involved in a destructive same-sex relationship. Just like anyone hurt in a relationship, he blocks out the pain and paints all homosexuals as deviant. Once bitten and twice shy, he turns to heterosexuality, and marriage, as a means of gaining acceptability. With that acceptability comes power and like Gollum, he yearns to be significant and have power, and like the ring, Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, enables him to reclaim that which he has lost.

Hey Ennis...do you eat raw fish... cause I've never seen you order Sashimi!
Hey Jack...is Gollum marching in the 2012 Mardi Gras cause he's not going to look good in a pair of jeans with the backsides cut out of them! Jack how offensive is it to gays and lesbians when their identity is destroyed with unsubstantiated sexual advice. It's disgusting that people are not held accountable for condoning homophobia, and clobbering individuals with non-contextual bible verses to succumb to this hatred.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lord Carey says...debt is the ‘greatest moral scandal’ facing the country and warns the welfare system is rewarding ‘feckless and irresponsibility'

Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, said the one trillion pound debt was Britian's greatest moral scandal, and those on welfare seem to be to blame... in a time when unemployment is soaring in the UK.

Carey's right... why don't they do what they've done in the past...get rid of welfare, put the kids to work, jail the needy for stealing food and then deport them to the colonies as punishment...it works well!

And don't over tax the rich or concern yourself too much with corporate greed! I'm surprised he didn't blame homosexuals for the national debt!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The furore over Goodwin's fuhrer

Wow...So that's the blogsite that caused all the fuhrer? The paraody to another which expounded knowledge of how homosexuals are able to move into heterosexual relationships.

Furore not furher Jake!
So it's OK to set yourself up as an expert, and provide a open forum (at the time), to advise people of how to overcome homosexuality... and talk continuously about the prostate and anal sex ...but it ain't OK for those offended by the marginalisation of GLBTI people by conservative evangelicals, to respond with satire.

Everyone knows that satire is offensive but genuinely claiming homosexuals are "spiritually broken people" is not ?

I agree with the tactics of those conservative evangelicals... imply deviance as a means of censoring critics and make sure everyone knows... The comments left on my blog speak for themselves..."Gosh you're right. It would be another matter completely wouldn't it if all the local Anglican leaders (clergy, PCC members, Church Wardens) got to know about it"...
Anyways without post-gay orientation... how else am I going snare a fast talking prostate expert that looks like this cowboy?

I have to say Calam...all said like a true evangelical conservative!

Colorado Springs-based Cowboy Christian Connection links cowboys to God.

So who are the aliens these days Harrison... Indians, Mexicans, Iraqis, Afghanis, Russians, Afro - Americans....?No Daniel... I think it's Satan...he's got one hell of a mean streak!
The Sydney Anglican Network posted as breaking news that Colorado Springs-based Cowboy Christian Connection, is helping unite the about 700 interdenominational cowboy-specific ministries that have sprung up across the United States and Canada since the mid-1970s. A 2009 count conducted by the Baptist General Convention of Texas found cowboy churches accounted for more than 10 percent of the state's total baptisms since 2000. Christian Cowboys president said... When I grew up, that's all I knew from rodeo cowboys was that they'd get drunk, ride and be with women afterwards. In 1973, the CaƱon City native and two pro- rodeo cowboys started the fellowship. An injured cowboy said, when he found God in his hospital bed... You might be rough and tough on the surface, but if you aren't just a little bit scared deep down, you are probably nuts... You need to give your life to the Lord because you never know when it might be your last ride.

So Ennis the Lord wasn't saying to that cowboy to give up the rodeo circuit? Do you reckon we could join that para church?

Nah Jack... our riding skills are too unorthodox! But it sounds like a church for Mark Driscoll.
This lot might like to join GAFCON... and let's not forget the untapped Complementarian market for evangelical publishing companies... because everyone knows that a real cowgirl stands by her man.

God tells Sydney Anglican men what He thinks of work!

mkc2012 is just around the corner! This is where Sydney Anglican heterosexual males get away from the missus, to hear what the Complementarian biblical God thinks of work. Women don't have to worry about what God thinks of their professional lives because God didn't mention female careers in the Bible... only prostitution and subservience.

Now go forth and spread the word that I'm all about quality assurance... In making the world in 7 days... not once did I sip a cup of decaf or get in touch with my feelings... the long hair and the robes weren't a hinderance!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Anyone for tennis...Hatred stuns Margaret Court!

What did someone link her sexuality with :
1. pedophilia and deem her unsuitable to work with children
2. link her sexuality with bestiality
3. prosecute her for her sexuality
4. claim that her sexuality would lead to polyagmy
5. send her off for reparatory therapy
6. preach to congregations about her sexual dysfunction and brokeness
7. institutionalise her for her sexual orientation
8. give her shock treatment
9. refuse to attend a church with her because of her sexual orientation
10. boycott a conference in protest of her sexuality
11. exclude her from workplace employment or opportunities because of her sexuality

It seems to me that some of God's self righteous representatives should be down on their knees asking forgiveness... for the trauma and autrocities they have caused... and some have the hide to say it's not a human rights issue... racism might divide society but homophobia divides families leaving individuals isolated and vulnerable!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sydney Anglican post-gay aspirations for lesbians

Let Liberty Christian Ministries Inc get to the spiritual, emotional, and psychological roots of your SSA ...
and in conjunction with the gospel according to Sydney Anglicans, allow for a complete transformation from a 'Dyke on a Bike' to a subservient wife.

Now the term dog's body is a bit harsh... neurosis is nothing but an added blessing!

Phillip Jensen tells all..."If you see a Christian doing wrong, he is acting according to his profession"

Kel Richards asks Phillip Jensen... Aren't all good people Christians? Phillip explains...Basically, a Christian is a bad person...Therefore, if you see a Christian doing wrong, he is acting according to his profession.

And Nelson what a professional group Sydney Anglicans are!

Ghandi...there is nothing more evil than orchestrating and manipulating others to create a climate which promotes autrocities ...and then remain silent about what has occurred. And these self confessed bad people want to effect public policy!

But you don't understand...we can do what we like because we are forgiven! Haydn does Liberty Christian Ministries Inc cover Ecuador?

Hip Hop Anglican Mainstream features post-gay rapper

Man that Italian can rap some crap!
Dudes, as
Anthony Venn-Brown says
When he's getting down
To the cutting edge
Of the truth beneath
That's been stopped by lies
And threats and fear...
" I'd rather be rejected for who I am, than accepted for who I'm not... When we choose to live authentically, we chip away at others' prisons of pretend... It's better to live one day on this planet being true to yourself, than an entire lifetime which is a lie"

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Supreme Court hears narcolepsy verses religious freedom case says Anglican Mainstream

Anglican Mainstream reports...In a landmark ruling the US Supreme Court says churches, not the Government, should control the employment of ‘ministers of religion’.
The case centres around a former teacher who suffers from narcolepsy and was dismissed from a church school for insubordination and “regrettable” conduct to church leaders.
Her case was backed by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
The Lutheran church that runs the school said the teacher’s job involved communicating the church’s teaching, and therefore she was a minister of religion.

Joan... there's always one narcoleptic trouble maker in every congregation.
Yes Matthew... total insubordination and a contagious threat to religious freedom everywhere ... and you've got to wonder about the company these people keep...I'm going to ask
Lisa Nolland!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Calam's Calamity

You know Bill... a funny thing happened... I posted an article about Mark Driscoll being a wanker expert and telling UK clergy to 'man up' and I got these 2 comments on my blog...
The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll Jan 13, 2012 12:16 PM
Mark Driscoll seems to have forgotten Britain does have a young man's man of a Bible Teacher - our own little Peter Ould. Granted, the boy is currently "non-stipendiary" (aka "unemployed"), but this hasn't stopped a living testimony to education in the Thatcher years from knowing more about the prostate than anyone could ever want to poke a stick at.
Fr Ivor BigginJan 14, 2012 08:00 AM
Dr Troll is right. In his latest post, Prostate Pete comments on the value of "sex toys" in his non-gay, marital life. http://www.peter-ould.net/2012/01/07/obscenity-on-trial/

Well blow me down Bill... then I get all these Sydney people reading my blog...and eventhough it's called 'Liberal Anglicanism in Sydney...Pie in the Sky'...Sydney Anglicans rarely read it because Liberal Anglicans, GLBTI people and feminists are heretics to those who speak God's authentic word. Anyways Bill then I get this comment...

Yeah, but at least he didn't have his licence removed and get put on the Archbishop's List for admitting 20 counts of "Behaviour Unbecoming a Clerk in Holy Orders", including several counts of offensive racist and sexist material.
Unlike some of us eh "Ivor Biggin" / David Heron?

Well Bill what was I to do...I mean I'd read that Peter Ould wasn't working in a church but as for this Ivor Biggin / David Heron character...I had no idea if the comment was true... so I thought I'd better remove it. Then I get another comment...

What CJ, are you scared of the truth that Ivor Biggin / David Heron has had his licence removed for gross misconduct? Shame on you trying to protect this racist and sexist bigot.

Bill I thought I'd better do some checking to find out the truth. All's I could find out was Fr David Heron had retired after 40 years of priesthood, but Ivor Biggin...who knows. But Bill the anonymous person tampered with my blogsite, redirecting all comments and jamming up the site when you use the comments section.
Bill do you think it's Ingins?

Nah Calam... Aborigines are indigenous to Australia. Nah it's got to be someone with IT skills who utilises them to hack for the reason of collating information. Someone who doesn't like GLBTI and feminists to be treated as equals within the church... But it wouldn't be a Sydney Anglican because they'd never break the law. Calam... maybe it's an attempt to censor someone who comments.

C of E policy on appointing bishops may face legal test...says Anglican Mainstream!

It is understood that the possibility of legal action is still live, but not being actively pursued at present, however Anglican Mainstream posts... Of Dr Jeffery John, he said: “I am absolutely certain that nobody is going to go to law lightly. If it is the case, then he does this with a really heavy heart, but does so because the Church of England has failed to pay attention to a change in circum­stance and in law. It has been a long struggle since Reading [when Dr John submitted to pressure not to take up the post of Bishop of Reading in 2003]; it was an injustice, and is now, I suspect, an illegality that must be addressed.”

Hey Ennis... I've heard that some of those Anglican Church Leaguers are pretty good with legal advice. I remember them going to the Supreme Court to prevent women being ordained in Sydney, and their chief lawyer Robert Tong ended up with an order of Australia for his legal efforts. Is Jeffery going to sue in the Courts of the USA, Australia, the UK and California?
I don't know but I suppose he'll have to check his websites and remove pictures and stuff... before he