Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Phillip Jensen emulates Archbishop Rowan Williams as he tries his hand at diplomacy...where is GAFCON and its diplomats?

Rowan Williams has received a great deal of praise for his trip to Zimbabwe, as he has ventured into an environment, where some have expressed the strongest animosity towards him and shown themselves capable of carrying out violence. A country where Williams has previously opposed Mugabe and he spoke out strongly against "lawlessness" and the condemnation of "mindless and Godless" violence seen in Zimbabwe.
One might think that Williams Zimbarbe trip has been inspirational to Phillip Jensen, who has become concerned for Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani; a man who has been in prison since 2009, accused of apostasy, a charge levelled at Muslims who change religion. Jensen has called on Sydney Anglicans to support this pastor, and has expressed criticism of the ABC, SBS and SMH for not covering the story.
A group of GAFCON delegates to Iran should do the trick. Venerables, Jensen and Nikola are guarenteed to start WW 111!
Pssst...they could hand the problem over to Rowan Williams and blame him ...or they could push to 'smoke out' all the gays and lesbians and have them hanged in a deal for clemency !

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