Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sydney Anglicans have a history of persecuting gays inside and outside the frameworks of the church

Muriel Porter writes (page 66 - 67) that in Australia the debate over the decriminalization of homosexual activity revealed deep divisions between Sydney and the rest of the Anglican church.... In 1971 - a decade before the Victorian state law was repealed- Melbourne Diocese's Social Questions Committee recommended the decriminalization of homosexual acts between consenting adults in private. Melbourne Synod endorsed the recommendation in 1972... However, the Diocese of Sydney's Ethics and Social Questions Committee, reporting the next year, took the opposite position. It called for a continuation of criminal sanctions against homosexuality. Sydney Synod even passed resolutions opposing government moves towards decriminalization. Broughton Knox was influential in Sydney's response because he argued argued that "God abominates homosexual acts"... and took this stance much further by declaring that those who deliberately took part in same-sex acts could not be Christians, and should not have a place in the Christian fellowship. Knox's arguments were aired early in 1973, the same year the Sydney Ethics and Social Questions Committee produced its report. He was a member of that committee; its chair was a member of his staff at Moore College... In 1977 Knox whipped up continued opposition to decriminilization in Sydney Synod with a motion that claimed that the state laws against homosexual practice were not unjust... in 1985-a year after the NSW law was changed-a sub-committee of Sydney Diocese's Standing Committee, in a report on homosexuality and ministry, claimed that people who engaged in homosexual acts could not occupy any office or perform any ministry in a parish. The prohibition covered everything from churchwarden and synod representative to organist, choir member or Sunday school teacher...There were also recorded instances of parishoners being denied Holy Communion because of their 'unrepentant homosexuality'.

Knox sounds down right evil but obviously the cult hero for Sydney Calvinists'! His methods are along the lines of Hitler's! No wonder Sydney Calvinists align themselves with bigots who criminalize homosexuality!


  1. When I was a university student way back in the 60's and attended services in the chapel at Moore College, Broughton Knox gave me the creeps. Now I understand why.

  2. Brian, I'm surprised you are still around after hanging with that sinister cult!