Thursday, October 6, 2011

Phillip Jensen condemns Fairfax's Sydney Morning Herald, the ABC and SBS but avoids mentioning the Sydney Telegraph and The Australian newspaper!

Phillip Jensen is quoted as saying...As yet, I cannot find any reference to Pastor Nadarkhani’s plight in the Australian public media. Searching the ABC and SMH websites gives no results. Even the SBS website, supposedly concerned not just for Australian but world news, has no reference to this case. Australia is being kept in the dark about this appalling attack on religious freedom and life threatening attack on an Evangelical pastor.

It was covered in Murdoch's newspaper, The Australian... but surely Phillip Jensen knew that ... because the Sydney Anglican Network Portal always uses articles from The Australian newspaper for their segment called 'breaking news'. I wonder if Phillip Jensen has joined in the journalistic warfare that is raging... Murdoch press verses Robert Manne!

Phil...What's all the fuss? The SMH, ABC and SBS probably didn't think the story was important enough to feature... a bit like the Ugandan death penalty for gays, wasn't significant enough for Sydney Anglicans in the Media to run with the story... what with Sydney Anglicans having a personal investment in Uganda and all!

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  1. Why doesn't Phillip Jensen rally all of his conservative mates as an Evangelical Alliance, and then make representation on behalf of this man? He could donate some money as well. It worked well in persecuting gays in Uganda and Nigeria so it should work in saving this pastor. Sydney Anglicans didn't see much purpose in lobbying the Australian government when the Ugandan Gay Bill was on the table because it was against God's will...well surely God will back the evangelical alliance in their intervention into Iran!