Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Loon Pond writes about Sydney Anglicans' link to the persecution of gays in Uganda

An article from the The Loon Pond links Sydney Anglicans' to homophobia in Uganda... The good Dean can bleat all he likes about persecution, but the obvious answer to that is to ask where the Sydney Anglicans stand in the matter of homosexuality in Africa.
How silly of you to ask. They can't even get along with all those other Anglicans, refusing to sign up to the Anglican communion covenant because of theological flaws:
The Primates Communique said “...while we acknowledge that the efforts to heal our brokenness through the introduction of an Anglican Covenant were well intentioned we have come to the conclusion the current text is fatally flawed and so support for this initiative is no longer appropriate.”
And here's the kicker:
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So much for freedom of speech in Sydney Anglican land. Synod has spoken and the sheep must fall into line. Dissension and alternative views will not be tolerated or expressed on the site ... and reading it, you'd barely have any understanding that this is all to do with the Sydney Anglicans aligning themselves with the homophobic rantings of church leaders in Africa ... 'religious liberty' about the persecution of those who are different and deemed inferior, so you can pursue inequality in the name of a tunnel-visioned God?

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