Sunday, October 16, 2011

Will Anglicans start their own 'Occupy Wall Street' protest in St Andrew's Square...against the greedy corporate strategies of Jensenites?

The Occupy Wall Street protest against income disparity spread across Western Europe, Asia, the US, Canada and Melbourne. People are concerned about the greed of conservatives, running corporations like The Sydney Diocese, who have used their power and wealth to create a huge divide within the community.

Now Peter... just tell them that our mission strategy is not corporate greed, but Godly greed, and that those in GAFCON are not subsidieries of the Sydney Diocese and Matthias Media... but Godly partners. Then we can justify our gambling debts, the promotion of Matthias Media, and the use of our wealth to buy friends, regardless of the consequences of our actions... and all because we are elitist Calvinists, who need to keep women and gays down trodden to feel good about ourselves.

I told you... I don't approve of corporate greed!

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