Sunday, October 30, 2011

Haydn Sennitt gets it wrong! It's going to be a gay Movember not November!

Sydney Anglican Haydn Sennitt works for Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, which helps gays and lesbians repress their same-sex attraction, in hope that one day they may be united in Complementarian wedded bliss. If Haydn had enlisted the help of another Sydney Anglican by the name of Peter Bolt, then he may have posted a more accurate article. That's because all Australians know that the eleventh month is Movember, and with Peter's twist... gay November could have been transformed into evil Movember!

Hey Tony what's this I hear about Peter Bolt basing his spiritual underworld book on The Supranos? Doesn't he know how much we donate to the Catholic Church?
Don't worry about it's a bit of experiential writing...and what's wrong with a bit of nepotism anyway? Pssst... I heard Phillip Jensen is about to write a book called "The Evils of Feminism" based on the lives of Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh!

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