Wednesday, October 5, 2011

David Ould states that mental health issues in same-sex attracted people could be related to the homosexual disorder and not prejudice.

Sydney Anglican, David Ould states... It has long been recognised that homosexuality is correlated with much poorer mental health outcomes. Ould gets to the heart of the problem when he says...The question before us, however, is whether this is due simply to "discimination" or whether there are other factors at work - even simply the homosexuality itself (ie, is it a "disorder" that inexorably leads to other mental disorders)?

Hey Gene, don't you just love the bit where Ould says... "I also despise discrimination. Real discrimination. So (as one example) I've gone into bat in a previous workplace for a potential employee who was quite clearly transgendered, or at least well on the way"'s like saying I'm not prejudiced because I help people who are not my equal!
Yes Mary, we all know that real discrimination doesn't exist in the church was my homosexual disorder that made me overreact when I wore that bullet proof vest, and prejudice had nothing to do with Jeffery John being overlooked for promotion twice!

David Ould...I'm glad you said you helped a trandgendered person in a previous workplace because you know our policy on LGBTQI people...I mean Sydney Anglicans fought hard to discriminate against gays and lesbians, and in 1985 we purged the diocese of these inferior beings! David whatever you do... don't listen to gays and lesbians speak about mental health issues because Christians know all their is to know about same-sex attraction.


  1. David Ould is a complete f-wit. Psychiatrists tell me I am well adjusted but any problems I do have are all due to growing up under the influence of evangelicalism. However I have seen others unable to cope, most gave up any Christian beliefs, a few committed suicide. Their deaths are due to the Oulds of this world. Sorry but Oulds, Jensens etc make me see red. Their preaching of hate is still messing with young people's lives.

  2. It was a lucky escape that Ould's post-gay twin brother has been cured of the gay malady, otherwise he'd be completely mad. Happily, the Church of England hasn't given Dobby's brother a job. Perhaps it's because the CofE assumes Peter Ould is still gay - and therefore totally bonkers.