Monday, October 10, 2011

Speaking from experience, Peter Jensen condemns sporting communities which use gambling capital to fund their organisations and activities

Reformed in every sense of the word; Archbishop Jensen, who will go down in the history books as the Sydney Archbishop who squandered more than $160 million of diocesan assets gambling on the stock market, speaks of the evils of gambling. He even commends Prime Minister Julia Gillard for her stance on poker machine reform.
Peter, you don't know what your support means to me...I mean you've witnessed firsthand, lives ruined and jobs lost. Just think of how many people Anglicare could have helped with that money, instead of plotting with intolerant extremists, to exterminate liberal Anglicans from the worldwide Anglican communion!

Peter Jensen uses a study by Dr Parkinson to discuss mental health issues in young people, and it's relationship to the breakdown of the nuclear family. He refrains from mentioning the high incidence of mental health problems in LGBT youth; youth who are bullied, deemed as carrying God's punishment, called disordered, often disowned, seen as a byproduct of poor parenting skills, and refused jobs, and adoption and marriage rights... all because of their sexual orientation. Dr Parkinson's report will be distributed to members of the synod and the ill treatment of LGBT people by this same group will be ignored.

And Peter Jensen says it is best if the national church is committed in form and fact to orthodox doctrine and behavior... all because he identifies with Elijah and not Jesus!

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  1. Like gay sex, poker machines can lead to polygamy. Gambling can lead to mental illness, which can turn a man gay. The Sydney Diocese is in danger of becoming gay and utterly mad.