Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ex- sex addict and now Christian Democrat led dissenters in a chant against the pricing of carbon ...which is another of Satan's tricks!

Ex- sex addict, Peter Madden stands as a Christian Democrat whose role is to fight the green serpent ie the political party known as The Greens. Today in Canberra, he led a protest in the gallery of Parliament House opposing the satanic carbon tax!
Say listen Bert...that Peter Madden must be one of those reformed evangelicals. I'm glad we've got the all clear on our sexuality...otherwise he might lead a crusade against mupphets!
Do you think Peter Madden is a Sydney Anglican...I mean they're always into
slaying something! Hey Ernie, Australia's got its fair share of nutcases...they don't all live in the UK and US!

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