Thursday, October 13, 2011

Macca's man takes the financial reins at Sydney Synod!

Ted Brush of McDonald's fame ...gets the discussion underway regarding the financial responsibilities of the Sydney diocese. Brush said All the funds available to the Synod are, under God, ours to steward.

Hey Ennis... You'd have to say God's judgement is somewhat

Ted suggests that if just one hundred people were willing to give just $20 per week, then one of the diocesan programs could be funded for the year! He expands his ideas further when he says ...Or, if we want to get a little more bold, could we use similar logic to establish a development fund? Five hundred people giving just $20 per week, at today’s rates of interest, would pay the interest on over $6 million dollars ... And, to go further still, if we expand our thinking to include interest free loans from our parishioners, perhaps $6 million is too small a target?
Michael, it's a shame Sydney Anglicans are not into raffles and chocolate wheels... then at least the parishoners are a chance of getting something for their money!

Yes..and I love the bit where Ted says...'we do need to face the reality of where we find ourselves. When it comes to the management of the EOS, beyond learning and applying our lessons for the future, we should not pointlessly seek to apportion blame or engage in ‘what if’ conjectures. Our Archbishop is our Archbishop and we must find the funds to do what needs doing.'
Ted's diplomatic loyality continues ... In the same way as we must always consider very carefully how much power an Archbishop is given by the Synod, so too I believe, for the sake of protecting the gospel of Jesus, we must be very careful to ensure his independence from a Synod vote on finances.

Merv...Synod time makes me give thanks to God for the endless comedy.
I know Jack...and these guys are telling Rowan Williams how to run the worlwide Anglican Communion!

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  1. Out of junk food and into junk religion - seems little Rev. Brush just can't help himself when it comes to peddling calorific content and saturated fats over nutrition and good health.