Friday, October 7, 2011

Tony Payne at Matthias Media says that homosexuality is God's punishment and is perverse and everyone knows it!

Tony Payne says... Romans 1 says that God’s punishment on people for this outlandish rejection of him is to consign them to the world that they have chosen—a world of stupidity, wickedness and perversity; a world of foolish and darkened thinking; a world of anti-social, debasing and destructive behaviour.
This is where ‘same-gender sex’ fits into Paul’s argument (if I can use that short-hand for man having sex with men or women having sex with women)... if it is the kind of behaviour that functions as its own penalty, in much the same way as the sickness, violence and general dehumanization of drunkenness is its own reward.
This is another truth that we are not allowed to say aloud: that same-gender sex is simply wrong and perverse...everybody knows this is the case.

Jack, we're really lucky we're males because Tony Payne sure hates liberated females. He is full of stereotypes and seems to assume that only lesbians can be liberated.
Well Ennis, that's because Tony thinks that any woman who is not submissive to the likes of him, has got to be a lesbian! And The Briefing web page says...Be godly. If you're not a Christian, and being godly isn't of any great interest to you, be decent... I reckon Tony worships a pretty mean and nasty god!

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