Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sydney Anglicans are considering selling Bishopscourt and keeping the archbishop and his crew of bishops

Sydney Anglicans have made some convoluted decisions at Synod. They have passed a motion to reject the Anglican Covernent because of its... (c) Inflated view of the Anglican bishop... but are considering selling two prime properties belonging to the diocese to pay for the salaries and superannuation of Anglican bishops, with very inflated views of their level of competency. Like most incompetent CEOs who are employed in global companies like the Sydney Diocese,these men are rewarded for financial incompetence, when committing the diocese to irresponsible gambling strategies!
Listen Ennis... do you reckon the new owners will turn Bishopscourt into a restaurant? It could be decorated with a distinctly Calvin style know menu choices, plain decor, and guitar and tambourine accompaniment on Saturday nights.
Yeah Jack ... a taxidermist might be able to stuff a Jensen, dress him as Calvin, and stand him in the corner of the restaurant...but that might start fights because all those Jensens would want stuffing...I mean their love of Calvin and all!

As the cleaner... I've got to admire Sydney Anglicans for rejecting the Covernant on the grounds of ... Failure to give due weight to the teaching of Scripture. As they say... 'faithful men and women who are suffering at the hands of an errant leadership' ...could be affected by following Sydney's committment to gambling! It could lead to the destruction of the worldwide communion... if you misinterpret God's word that badly, then how can you trust them to speak the word of God on issues of of gender and sexual orientation?

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  1. I agree that we Anglicans have an "inflated view of bishops". There are three orders in our Church: Dobby Ould, Phillip Jensen and his daft brother Pete. The rest consists of women and other insignificant persons.