Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Will Sydney Anglicans campaign against David Cameron's move to create sexual equality within the royal succession process?

In Sydney, a woman can be the Prime Minister, the Governor General, the constitutional monarchy and the head of the Anglican Church... but she can't be a priest! That's because God said the status of Anglican men in Sydney is higher than women. These men are not misogynists who cannot subject themselves to such indignity, as to sit in a pew and listen to a woman! No it's God who is the misogynist because He told them they were superior in headship... eventhough Jesus (aka God) broke His own rule!

All I can say with David Cameron's head!

This female succession thing is a bit of a worry... we all know God said marriage is between a man and a woman, so a man can show his headship... it works for me being unmarried! Personally, I think this reform should be narrowed down so only Catholic male climate change experts have the right to the throne!

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