Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sydney Anglican Russell Powell rounds up the world's weekly 'gay' news...but omits Rudd's appeal to CHOGM delegates to decriminalise homosexuality!

Ex-mainstream journalist and Sydney Anglican, Russell Powell primes up his 'gaydar' to collate the world news, warning to his fellow Sydney Anglicans of a gay November! He includes the possibility of an ALP conscience vote, and even shows a level of hysteria about a British man receiving a pay cut, when he displayed his homophobic views. Russell said the pay cut was frightening!
Russell goes onto report...There's also a one-sided debate going on about the findings of a study, which says therapy can be successful for homosexuals wanting to change. Here's an example of the coverage, he says... and here is the coverage that Sydney Anglicans pasted on their breaking news website.

I wonder if Jesus is as bent as this coverage of Russell's 'gay' news article... and Russell assures us that he has a brain! He might have one but he's not using it... not when he omits 2 significant stories like CHOGM and the 'Kill the gay' bill being reintroduced in Uganda! Ooooh... I forgot Peter Jensen doesn't want anyone to know that he and his diocese advocate for a Commonwealth 'gay persecution' policy! And it's comforting to know that as an aside, Russell tells us that the Sydney Synod voted against same-sex marriage...and just only two weeks ago!
Petty, small-minded reporting... but he is a Sydney Anglican!

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