Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chris Sugden asks...But the question is what is proper and appropriate love, and what is its legitimate expression?

The issue of same-sex attraction within the Anglican Church has got Chris Sugden at Anglican Mainstream confused. He writes that there are two Anglican Communions (when really there is only one). The first is the one where Anglicans see “God-in-everything”, and the second where God is an external point, by which He is used to judge issues of truth and goodness. In simple terms ... one camp believes God created LGBT people in his likeness and therefore loves and approves of them, and a camp that says they are broken and a product of man's sinfulness, allowing Sugden to judge them as sinful by God's standards. Sugden sees these two opposing views as a problem for Rowan Williams, who he believes is trying to hold both positions.

I agree with you Chris.... Rowan is trying to keep one foot in each camp. It's about time you took down your tent and helped build a cohesive church.

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  1. I am not attracted to horrible Mr Sugden. I guess that makes me normal.