Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spot Peter Jensen and Chris Sugden... in their attempt to prevent women bishops and gay clergy!

Chris Sugden is concerned that the gay and women bishops issues are "part of the same agenda to ensure that the Church of England is 'culturally relevant'". His tunnel-vision prevents him from seeing that many Anglicans genuinely believe that it is unGodly and unBiblical to discriminate against more than half of the church population, or persecute someone for being born gay. Does Chris Sugden, like many literal Bible-believers, need to use God's name to have authority over others? Well it seems so... as he was one of the founders of GAFCON and the secretary of The Anglican Mission in England (AMIE), which was set up this year for bigots in England, who have concerns over the gay question, but is also keen to help Anglicans who cannot accept women bishops. When this group of bigots is left isolated from the rest of the developed world, they can join with third world countries and the Sydney Diocese, taking Anglicanism back to the times where gays were hunted down and women didn't have the right to vote. Sugden proclaims... And if it cannot reach agreement with the C of E, AMIE says members will look to the worldwide Anglican movement Gafcon for leadership. Interesting though there is no opportunity for comment on this post at Anglican Mainstream.

I think I can see the white faces of Sugden and Jensen in the back row. Wouldn't you think they'd blacken their faces so they wouldn't spoil to photo shoot? I know the black and white minstral thing is not politically correct...but these two guys don't care about offending anyone ...look how they treat women and gay churchgoers, in developed countries!

Sydney Anglicans developed? Please!!!! As the writer at the Loon Pond says..."Whatever, the Sydney Anglican pages remain a remarkable read, and provide a reminder that just at the end of King Street in Newtown - just a hop skip and a jump from the pond - there are people who still believe in a real Adam, and all the consequences for men and women in relation to sex and sexuality (and love pain happiness and the whole damn thing), and dress it up as theological anthropology ..."

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