Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Anglican Mainstream report that 30.9.11 is the last day that people in Florida can legally have sex with animals!

Gee I'm glad that Anglican Mainstream has become the voice for non-consensual sex (for animals that is), because my owner is really ugly... but I do like humping the leg of his daughter when she visits!

Merve, don't tell me that lot at Anglican Mainstream are becoming Greenies...what with worrying about animal rights! Next they'll be petitioning to save whales and putting a tax on carbon emissions!
Don't worry Alf... Anglican Mainstream limit their causes to sex and take every opportunity to denigrate LGBT people by linking same-sex with beastiality! Speaking of dog collars Merve, did you see the piece Anglican Mainstream published on Women in Dog Collars? It was a wonderful piece of misogyny!

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