Thursday, October 6, 2011

Will Sydney Synod vote to sell the Diocesan assets to fund Anglican Mainstream...and why did Anglican Mainstream need subsidising?

The amount of offensive material and porn, posted on Anglican Mainstream must stretch their budget... I mean it's not the Jerry Springer Show!
Muriel Porter reports (page 153) that the Sydney diocese has ... poured hundreds of thousands of dollars in recent years into small Australian dioceses that are effectively Sydney satellites; made significant donations to conservative Anglican dioceses overseas (in Mauritius, Nigeria, Uganda and Chile); made significant donations to conservative international bodies, including $80,795 for incorporation costs and website construction for GAFCON, $29,941 to the Alexandria School of Theology (a new conservative college in Egypt), $30,000 to Anglican Mainstream and an unexplained $103,351 to 'visiting bishops and clergy'.

So if Sydney sell Bishopscourt and St Andrew's Tower, will that give them enough leverage to keep control of the worldwide Anglican Communion? It's a bit of a 'Loaves and Fishes' approach with the focus on exclusion instead of inclusion
Hmmm... the measures some people will take to exclude women and gays from the priesthood!

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