Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Complementarianism is the Sydney Anglican Church League's choice of weaponary... in it's combat against GLBTI people's pursuit of marriage equality.

The boys at the Anglican Church league are working hard to combat same-sex marriage. While their protege at Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, spreads the word throughout the diocese and beyond, that same-sex attraction is a result of a damaged upbringing like Haydn's, the faceless men are using complementarianism to fight the battle from a Sydney Anglican Mainstream perspective. As evidenced in the past, women have their place in the diocese. In true complementarian style, women remain subordinate to the male but that subordination is rewarded when a woman works above and beyond the call of duty, by helping to subjugate younger women. These are the women who are 'mounted' on the "hall of fame"; where their images are beamed out for all to see...unless of course the female has offended the fundamentalist rhetoric of subordination... and then she is held up as an example of condemnation.
The Sydney Diocese is clinging by its fingertips to its 1950s gender policy... the liberation of the male through the submission of the female,which is based on the premise that God gained His liberation by teaching Jesus to be submissive to Him.

So Ennis...what's complementarianism got to do with same-sex marriage?

Jake can't you understand anything? Because you are not a woman you can't be submissive ...and men can't be subordinate ... that's because God is a man and he can't be subordinate... So if you can't be submissive to me then we don't complement each the feminie Jesus does to God... but don't tell Mark Driscoll that Jesus has a subordinate and feminine side because it will crush his ego.

Now girls ... as Mark Thompson explains the concept of equality is actually a pagan theme ...and because we can't burn people at the stake anymore, God has sent Claire Smith's, Matthias Media publication, to drive out the pagans; a publication that Mark Thompson recommends to be given out on masse to women...just in case they get restless and turn to paganism like "equal and the same" within the church and the eyes of God... So girls come along to the 'Priscilla and Aquila School of Spiritual Deportment' because the Sydney Diocese's whole future lies in keeping you stereotyped ... and now it's time for your next lesson!

Hey Jesus...if you'd have been born a woman, would people like Mark Thompson have called you a pagan and burnt you at the stake for curing me?


  1. As a silly woman, you don't understand my profound theology. Jesus is NOT female. He only acts like one. He is a Real Man - like Haydn Sennitt - and His teachings reveal that He was almost as intelligent as me.

  2. David you are such a misogynist and you are so up yourself...everyone knows Jesus is more intelligent than you!

  3. The disgusting Bishop of Gippsland has refused to obey my orders to sack a homo in his diocese. When I interrogate a lowly Bishop I DEMAND total obedience!