Thursday, March 8, 2012

Did Australia's other country, the Sydney Anglican Diocese, join it's African allies in 'walk out' on UN GLBTI Human Rights discussions?

It has been reported that some Muslim and African countries yesterday walked out of a UN Human Rights Council panel discussion on LGBTI rights, claiming homosexuality is “abnormal sexual behaviour.”
It seems the protesters were uncomfortable with the findings that there have been reports of gay men being attacked by assailants; having homophobic insults shouted at them; and being left for dead in the street. Lesbians have been subjected to gang rape, sometimes characterized as so-called ‘corrective rape’. Transgender persons have been sexually assaulted and stoned to death, their bodies so disfigured as to be rendered virtually unrecognisable.

I must write to the Secretary of the UN Human Rights Council, demanding that he publish a statement on the Stand Firm website, as to why their is a need for GLBTI people to have any rights. at all... and I must remind him that if he doesn't reply to me via the Stand Firm website within the required time frame, then it is my obsessional duty to enlist help from bigots in high places, to have him sacked!


  1. Thank you for acknowledging that I am in charge of the world as well as Jensenism. I think I will have the UN closed down.

  2. I am having St Paul's Cathedral shut down immediately!