Monday, March 12, 2012

'My Way' by Phillip Jensen...but without the regrets... The mistakes of Phillip Jensen

The Anglican Church League has posted Tony Payne's 'up close and personal' interview with Phillip Jensen... titled 'The Mistakes of Phillip Jensen'

Hey Bert...Kel Richard's must be feel betrayed !

Phillip Jensen explains that he has made mistakes but doesn't regret his mistakes because 'regret' is not a Christian characteristic. It's an atheistic characteristic. Phillip explains that because atheists live for themselves, they have regrets.
For years Phillip thought alcohol was evil, and for years he was a heathen, who believed in PEACE ON EARTH... that was until finally he saw the light and became a war monger. He says... you can’t really be a Christian pacifist and worship the ‘God of armies’ (which is what ‘Lord of hosts’ means). And you can’t make sense of punishment or of the cross if you’re a pacifist, but for years I was a pacifist and it took me a while to work that out.

What happened to the "turn the other cheek' thing?

Phillip gives Moore College credit for where he is theologically...and that's because Moore College radicalized his mind to make him think biblically and creatively, instead of giving him all the answers that he now gives everyone else!
As for working with people, Phillip explains that people are an inexact science, and any hurt is just mistakes made in relationships. Phillip says that in the early years of his ministry, he was too naïve and trusting of people but soon wised up... when he developed his belief in the doctrine of sin.
As a youngster, Phillip was known for his fiestiness. He enjoyed fighting, debating and arguing and nothing has changed! Phillip said that a senior academic once told him that when the Bible urges him to “flee the passions of youth”, the Bible was talking about his argumentiveness and not sex! Although Phillip has no regrets he does speak of his misplaced trust in the Anglican Church, and that is probably why he is intent on destroying it. The Sydney Morning Herald and the university and educational systems, also betrayed him... when these institutions didn't embrace his offensive extremism. He soon discovered that as long he didn’t draw a crowd, he was tolerated but when he did, he was pilloried and attacked and persecuted consistently.

Oh dear... that has such a familiar ring to it !

Phillip was raised on the 39 Articles and the Prayer Book of 1662, and on the idea that as a denomination, the Anglican Church was constituted by law, and with the safeguards of constitutional authority... but Phillip soon realised the Anglican constitution was used to hold back evangelicals from trying to take over the church. Phillip witnessed heretics ending up as Anglican bishops; immoral people in positions of power! In the early days Phillip was shouted down and overruled at synod and now Phillip, his family and his friends run the church in a similar manner.
Phillip Jensen who preaches and talks non-stop, says he made mistakes when he failed to spend enough time with people, explaining himself to them, listening to them carefully, and re-explaining himself in their terms so that they'd share his mindset.
It’s a mistake I keep making, says Phillip

Phillip did you ever stop to think that maybe not everyone always agrees with you... and sometimes other people might be right? Oh of course not... people like you are the ONLY Christians who know God's way!


  1. Like St Phillip Jensen I, too, am not a pacifist. That's why I'd like to kick him up the bum.

  2. David...shame on you! You know how things work... you don't kick fellow fundamentalists ... you join forces with fellow fundamentalists and build an army...and then you kick pacifists with your custom made steel caps. It's then and only then that pacifists know that there is no place for homosexual or gender equality loving heretics within the framework of the 39 Articles and the Common Prayer Book 1662.

  3. Dobby, you're close to the family firm, is Phillip starting his campaign for another tilt at the archbishopship? This piece seemed to me like he is clearing the decks for something.

  4. Don't be ridiculous, Anon! I am preparing the way for ME to become the Head Minister of Sydney Baptists after I have rid Australia of all homos! I don't spend all day at my computer writing to Bishops for nothing!