Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lismore gives ex - sex addict Peter Madden and his gay hate truck ... marching orders

Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell has given unsuccessful Christian Democrats political candidate and ex-sex addict Peter Madden and his offensive truck their marching orders, saying he and his anti-gay message are not welcome in the northern NSW town.

Mayor Dowell said she had spoken to Madden on the phone following protests which forced local police to impound a truck featuring anti-gay signage which warns of the dangers of same-sex marriage to children and displays a grown man embracing a young male child.
Dowell said... I told him he was not welcome with his message in Lismore...I don’t condone the graffiti attack on the truck, but I do fully support the protest and understand the community does feel vilified by those messages...There is no place for anti-gay sentiment here. I understand there are a range of views on same-sex marriage and I support people expressing their views, but to suggest that if same-sex marriage is legalised children will not be safe, is just offensive.

One Local resident said of the offensive truck...I can’t believe it’s allowed on the road...If there was a truck with racist or sexist slogans, people would be up in arms....Why is it I have to wake up on a Sunday morning and see hate parked outside my door?

Jake... you'd think by now local residents would know that God made Sundays so hate filled fundamentalists can propagate offensive bigotry in His name!

Yeah you'd reckon so...but Ennis what is it with ex-sex addicts and their need to save people who aren't sex addicts?

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  1. I am buying a truck immediately to take it on a world tour. Starting in Gippsland.