Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sydney Anglicans outstrip the Church of England... when it comes to being a refuge for prejudice!

Whilst Dr Jeffrey John, the Dean of St Albans, claims that the Church of England has become the last refuge of prejudice, and believes church prejudice (homophobia) is the root of an increasingly secular society... the head of the Australian Anglican Church and key editorialist for the commercial website Stand Firm, David Ould, recommends that a gay priest, appointed to a parish in the Gippsland region, resign. This is because Sydney Anglicans have a history child molestation. The church had to implement its Faithfulness of Service to deal with the perpetrators. David Ould describes the gay priest as a huge elephant in a room!
Like Jeffery John's, David Ould's remarks are likely to further provoke a damaging split within the Church, as the Government seeks to launch its consultation on same-sex marriage.
John states... The fact that fifty years on [after the decriminalisation of homosexuality] the Church is seen as enemy No 1 of gay people is a disaster, both for our own morale and for our mission to the country. We have become the last refuge of prejudice.Dr John, who has been in a stable relationship with his partner, the Rev Grant Holmes, for decades, said he believed that allowing same-sex marriage in the Church of England was no more radical than the decision to ordain women priests.
He goes onto say...In the Church of England we readily bless the second and even third marriages of couples who never darken our doors, yet we reject hundreds of our own faithful clergy and laypeople who long to bring their love and commitment before God and ask His blessing.

Prejudice! You call standing down as bishop prejudice!...I'll show you prejudice Jeffery John! Sydney Anglicans pride themselves on prejudice...we colonials still silence women, persecute gays and ostracise divorcees... oops... and men who dress up as priests!

I might be an elephant in the room but I'm certainly no child molester.

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  1. Although Jeffrey John looks like an elephant, I have no prejudice against these noble creatures since they don't indulge in homosexual child abuse. Please don't accuse me of homophobia just because I hate homos. I believe we must "hate the sin, and despise the sinner".