Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Finally Sydney Anglicans come out of the closet and wear their homophobia with pride...by using the pastoral arm known as LCMI to annihiliate GLBTI

The faceless men behind the Sydney Anglican, Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, are gearing up for a fight, aka spiritual warfare. These men have deputised Haydn Sennitt, to be the public face of the 'fight back' campaign against same-sex marriage; that's because these faceless men know that it is not good for high profile members of the Sydney Anglican Diocese to be seen within the city of Sydney, directly promoting prejudice and discrimination. These faceless men know the importance of sending a scout.
Haydn is ecstatic that he has once again been accepted into the Sydney Anglican fold after falling out of favour for a while, and now is about to attend Bible College.

So will Haydn become Sydney Anglican's first 'publicly declared' post-gay/bisexual minister?

Haydn is geering up for a month of prayer, to help him combat the spiritual forces of evil homosexuality... the forces that morph homosexuals into Gollum.

Didn't that prayer strategy work wonders when Sydney Anglicans gambled all the diocese's money away ?...
And what about this wonderful compassionate pastoral ministry known as 'Liberty Christian Ministries Inc'... isn't it wonderful to know that young people struggling with same-sex attraction, can attend fundamentalist talks on biblical orthodoxy and the evils of homosexuality... oh and sign a petition opposing same-sex marriage! Have the faceless men made Haydn a member of The Sydney Anglican Church League yet?

Oh... and GLBTI people are really going to want to talk to this lot... and if they do... then they can then get some help from mental health personnel to deal with the damaged caused... that's if they haven't suicided before hand! In the words of a great preacher... Shamelessness

Hey Jesus... have you heard Haydn's been 'cashed up' and out and about buying books and resources, to send out to ministers to propagate the myth that same-sex attraction is nurtured, and that you can 'pray the gay away' with enough faith and torment... after about 60 or 70 years ...your prayers will be answered with a decrease in your libido!


  1. I don't like the attention you are giving to homo Haydn. As a Sydney fundamentalist, I am much more important. Everyone should listen to the drivel which comes from ME!

  2. Now David
    You can't always be the centre of attention!

  3. We'd prefer he didn't join the ACL for the same reason we we'll never ordain him or let him enroll at Moore college: we think he might be a poof.