Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sydney Anglican, Russell Powell says Christians like him are getting a raw deal!

And how silly of us to think that GLBTI people are the ones who actually get the raw deal, when they are often:
1. unable to be accepted into many Christian churches
2. unable to be employed in many Christian organisations
3. unable to get married inside or outside the church
4. when brought up as a Christian, have to pretend not to be gay, or come out and have the relos and friendly church family, turn their backs, incase the church becomes contaminated
5. forced to undergo the mental and emotional torment of being seen as broken sexually and in need of a fix from someone like Sydney Anglican, Hadyn Sennitt
6. persecuted for being gay because of the influences of church personnel

Sounds to me like it's a clear case of 'karma'... but I don't think fundamentalists like myself can assume that all Christians are being persecuted within the secular society. I think many Christians are being 'held to ransom' by church going extremists.
Perhaps the UK government could establish a 'post-bigot' organisation that could help homophobes to break free from their ignorance and prejudice!

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