Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mark Thompson asks... What is it that makes Sydney Diocese what it is? could have asked me what makes the Sydney Diocese what it is... because all cults rely on :
Compliance within the group
Dependence on a leader/s
Avoiding dissent
Devaluation of outsiders

Gee Dobby you could have fooled me...I thought sexism, homophobia, elitism and gambling made the Sydney Diocese what it is!

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  1. Somebody hit a raw nerve when they accused Mooredorian Baptists of being ‘clones’ over at The Briefing a week or so ago. There it was aimed specifically at graduates of the Mooredorian Theological College.

    In what was perhaps a shamefaced reflex, Mark ‘Donald’ Thompson refers to the accusation again in the linked article; this time in relation to all Mooredorians.

    While I was browsing the Mooredorian Theological College website the other day looking for short courses on submissiveness and bigotry in Ministry, I thought to peruse the qualifications of the Faculty to assure myself that they weren’t just droids.

    To my great surprise I discovered that of the 23 current teaching staff at the College, some 20 studied at the Mooredorian College themselves!

    Well the Mooredorians might be prickly about being referred to as clones. What other Australian ‘academic’ institution draws 87% of their teaching staff from their own students?

    Here’s an excerpt from the Star Wars wiki on droids which well explains the Catch 22 of the Mooredorian educo-genetic experiment:

    “Depending on the model and its corresponding purpose, droids were totally obedient, rugged, expendable, capable of vast memory recall, and mathematically precise. These characteristics made them well suited for many jobs, though the lack of independent thought in the cheaper, less advanced models (e.g. Mooredorians) limited their capability. This lack of autonomy was simultaneously a vast asset and a glaring weakness—an asset in terms of obedience and control but a massive drawback in terms of effectiveness. Designers faced a fundamental paradox — make the droids overly intelligent, and they might rebel; yet make the droids not intelligent enough and they would be ineffectual.”