Thursday, March 29, 2012

Susie Leafe at Anglican Mainstream says women bishops deprive male clergy of self esteem!

Susie Leafe says she has seen ...A culture where young women see equality with men as about being more laddish than the lads. A culture that has deprived young men of self-esteem or societal responsibility by telling them that they have nothing to offer that a woman cannot do as well as, or indeed better than, them ...and Susie goes onto say that the ... Current debate on women bishops in the Church of England brings these issues into sharp focus. You see Susie cannot accept the authority of a woman in and over her local church, because a woman might undermine Susie's authorative role over other women in her church; the ones being kept submissive to Susie and the clergy who encourage sexism as part of God's divine order.

Susie... I've solved the problem for you. You can still train those young women in your church to be subservient to you and the rest of the male clergy... but just tell those young women that women bishops are lads ... and then those young prima donnas like yourself will be able to cope with women bishops!


  1. You clearly have never met Susie.

  2. "Secondary Issue" is a phrase overused but sometimes for good reason. There is a spectrum of interpretations of the Bible on this issue. There are godly people on both sides - for and against women bishops. Likewise there are some power-hungry wolves hiding among both camps who wish to twist this debate for their own ends. What are we to do? I think, for the time-being, vote for women bishops but allow the conservatives their provisions. They Synod can always vote to change it again in the future. But how about the whole Church praying first for God's will to be honoured and fulfilled, presenting a united rather than cantankerous body of Christians to the world? Ephesians 4:1-6 would be a good reminder for us all.