Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sydney University Professor says history has it's share of famous gay people.

The Sydney Star Observer posts that a University of Sydney professor Robert Aldrich has collated a wealth of gay life stories from all over the world for his impressive new tome, appropriately titled Gay Life Stories.

The book gives a voice to more than 80 deceased people from every major continent and from all walks of life, including poets and philosophers, rulers and spies, activists and artists.

Alongside such celebrated people as Michelangelo, Frederick the Great and Harvey Milk are lesser-known historical figures: Dong Xian and the Chinese emperor Ai, whose relationship flourished in the 1st century BC; Robert de Péronne, first to be burned at the stake for sodomy; Katharine Philips, writer of lesbian poetry in 17th century England; and ‘Aimée’ and ‘Jaguar’, whose love defied the death camps of wartime Germany. The book has a lesbian nun, a criminal, painters, explorers and more.

I'm a Sydney Anglican and I can't listen to such lies ... Sydney Anglicans know there is no such thing as same-sex attraction... that's why we employ someone to prove that homosexuals don't exist!


  1. It is an appalling omission from the list that Haydn Sennitt is not included among the famous gays. He has had more men than Michelangelo ever dreamed of.

  2. Now David...there is no need to be jealous